Qualification in Europe Germany vs North Macedonia: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 30,2021


Current statistics of Germany

Germany defeated Romania 1-0 in the away game in the last round, and won the first two rounds of the European preliminaries. The start was perfect, and the state and morale were very good. In addition, the team has completely blocked opponents in the last two games, and the stability of the defensive end is not bad, obviously making a lot of changes in the tactical level. Coupled with the stable performance of the German team, this campaign is still very sufficient to meet the average strength of North Macedonia.

Current statistics of North Macedonia

North Macedonia scored its first victory with a 5-0 home victory over Liechtenstein in the last game. It currently ranks third in the group, which has greatly improved morale. Moreover, the team has a good tough battle ability in history. The last time it had a 1-1 draw against Italy in the group stage. Entering 2021, they have scored in the field. They have the capital to grab points in this campaign.


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