Qualification in Europe Germany vs Iceland: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 25,2021


Current statistics of Germany

The overall performance of the German team in the recent major competitions is relatively average. In the previous game, they lost to Spain in a disgraceful 0-6 away game, setting a new record high in net loss. It is nominally 8 consecutive unbeaten matches in all competitions, but there are as many as 4 draws, and the probability of losing points is very high. Faced with teams like the Czech Republic and Switzerland, which are one grade lower than their own strength, they have not won. The state is really good. It's not flattering. It can be seen from the recent roster that the German team still cannot solve the problem of the striker lineup.

Current statistics of Iceland

Iceland suffered a five-game losing streak in all competitions after losing 0-4 away to England in the last match. Not only was it unable to enter the European Cup, but even the UEFA Europa League matches will be relegated to the B-League next time. , The overall strength has obviously plummeted, and the Iceland that shined in the World Cup seems to have disappeared. Not only that, last year, Iceland faced all the strong teams with almost 3 goals or more defeats, and their hard-to-play ability also declined severely. The away game in this campaign should not be taken seriously.


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