Qualification in Europe Georgia vs Spain: match preview

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Current statistics of Georgia

Georgia is one of Europe’s underdogs, currently ranked only 89. Most of the players in the team are worth less than 3 million. The overall strength is very limited. In the first match of the world preliminaries, Georgia only lost 1 goal to Sweden, but throughout the game Many of their statistics are inferior to their opponents, and in the last 6 various events, Georgia is also hard to find, including the defeat of underdogs like Armenia, which shows the difference in combat effectiveness. Wanting to grab points from the Matador Corps is probably not easy.

Current statistics of Spain

The Spanish national team is currently ranked 6th in FIFA. Although their current lineup strength is not comparable to that of the king's division of the year, the overall performance of the team is relatively stable. The previous European preliminaries and the European League have performed well. Among them There is no shortage of games that beat Germany by a big score. In view of Spain’s unlucky draw by Greece in the opening match of the world preliminaries, if they want to qualify as the top of the group, they must go all out. The goal of this campaign is not only to direct three points, but Also need as many goal difference as possible.


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