Qualification in Europe France vs Ukraine: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 24,2021


Current statistics of France

The French team has come out in large numbers in recent years, and they have achieved very good results in recent competitions. Although they regretted losing the championship at home in the last European Cup, they finally reached the top of the 2018 Russia World Cup with a hot posture. In the previous European preliminaries and the UEFA A-League, they all successfully won the group top. This time in the world preliminaries, the first goal of the strong and strong Gaul Roosters is naturally to directly point to the top of the group.

Current statistics of Ukraine

Although Ukraine missed the last World Cup, they played very well in the preliminaries of the European Championships, and finally beat the powerful Portugal to get the first place in the group. Although Ukraine cannot compete with a super team like France in terms of strength, it is by no means incompetent. In this group, their more realistic goal is to compete with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Finland for second place in the group.


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