Qualification in Europe England vs San Marino: match tips

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Current statistics of England

As a world strong team, England played well in previous events and finally secured the top spot in the group to advance to the main match. Although the loss to Denmark and Belgium led to the loss of the top spot in the group, the final 4-0 victory over Iceland was still allowed. Their morale has been boosted. According to statistics, the team's winning rate in recent times is as high as 70%. During the period, they have also missed many opponents. With their excellent results, England's world rankings have continued to rank in the top four. In the latest big list, Stars such as Kane, Sterling, Maguire, Foden, Bellingham, Saka, Rashford, Lingard, etc. are all on the list and their strength is guaranteed.

Current statistics of San Marino

In contrast, San Marino, one of the weaker teams in Europe, is still standing still. Its overall strength has not improved compared to the past. In recent times, the team has not won in a row, with a loss rate of up to 80%. It is in the Europa League D League. China is also at the bottom of the ranking group and has no combat effectiveness at all.


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