Qualification in Europe England vs Poland: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 31,2021


Current statistics of England

England has won the first two games and achieved no goals. The recent performance has been very good. The team's defense has improved, but they are facing weaker teams. There is not much contrast. Sex, I believe everyone knows that England’s lineup is obviously very luxurious, but it has always been difficult to go further in the competition. This time, facing Poland, which has good combat effectiveness, it is just a look at England’s ability to play against strong teams.

Current statistics of Poland

The Polish lineup is led by Lewand, with Milik and Piatek on the front line. The team is full of firepower on the offensive end and has scored goals in three consecutive games. Lewand is even the last one. He scored twice in the game and scored goals in the last two games. However, Poland has not won a victory in the past four encounters with England. In addition, there are more problems in the defense line, and Poland urgently needs to adjust. This scene may not be impossible for England.


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