Qualification in Europe Czech vs Belgium: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 27,2021


Current statistics of Czech

At present, Czech has risen to 42nd place in the world rankings, and the team’s strength has also improved a lot in recent times. No matter the previous European qualifiers or the European League matches, the Czech Republic has played well. In the two days ago The match also easily defeated Estonia with a big score of 6-2. This match will face the world's No. 1 Belgium, and it will be the biggest test for Czech in this group. I believe the team will focus on the goal of keeping the tie.

Current statistics of Belgium

Belgium, as the world's number one team, need not say any more about the overall strength. Judging from the latest big list, the Titans such as De Bruyne and Lukaku are all on the list. Anyway, it is invincible. In the first round, facing the biggest rival Wales in the group, the European Red Devils still easily defeated their opponent 3-1 without any effort. Up to now, Belgium has won five consecutive victories in various competitions, and in the past two years, there has been only one loss in various races. The combat power is very strong. As long as it plays a normal level, it is not difficult for the group to qualify first.


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