Qualification in Europe Cyprus vs Slovenia:match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 29,2021


Current statistics of Cyprus

Although Cyprus is very weak on offense, the team has been greatly improved on the defensive end. The last two games have only lost one goal against a stronger opponent. However, Cyprus still has no competition in the group. Although the strong team had a short-lived performance at the beginning, it was difficult for Cyprus without attacking. This time facing Slovenia, I don't know if it can block the opponent's offensive like Croatia.

Current statistics of Slovenia

Slovenia has one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Oblak, and Atlanta’s main force Ilicic on the front line. The team has played very well on the back line and often wins by zero opponents, but the offensive firepower is good. What's lacking, Slovenia's history and Cyprus have had the advantage over the past 7 encounters.


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