Qualification in Europe Croatia vs Malta: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 30,2021


Current statistics of Croatia

Croatia defeated Cyprus 1-0 at home in the last round and got the first victory of this tournament. However, the team lost to Slovenia in the first round and only took three points in the two rounds. The prospect of qualifying is not optimistic. Strong desire to grab points. Moreover, they have always had a relatively stable performance at home, and they have a high chance of winning against Malta, which has a large gap in strength.

Current statistics of Malta

Malta, ranked only 176 in the world, drew 2-2 away with Slovakia in the last round. Although the team’s paper strength is not worth mentioning in Europe, they were able to score goals in the first two rounds of this tournament. , The two games won three goals, the opponents are Russia and Slovakia, have certain ability, this time facing the poor state of Croatia may not be unable to score goals.


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