Qualification in Europe Bulgaria vs Italy: match preview and tips

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Current statistics of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is currently ranked 68th in the world. The team is worth 19.65 million euros, with an average worth of 760,000 euros. The team was in the same group as France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belarus, and Luxembourg in the last world preliminaries. Although struggling to achieve 4 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, Reluctantly technically inferior people were out of the game, they lost 1-3 at home to Switzerland in the last round of the world preliminaries group stage, they were kicked off.

Current statistics of Italy

Italy has won the World Cup four times and is one of the most successful national teams in international football. Italy scored 16 wins and 5 draws in the past 18 matches and remained unbeaten. The last loss was in September 2018. The team has not failed in the past two years. The overall strength is good. The team was in the last group stage In the home game 2-0 victory over Northern Ireland, won the game opener.


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