Qualification in Europe Belgium vs Wales: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 24,2021


Current statistics of Belgium

Belgium’s current lineup is quite good. The only disadvantage of the luxurious front midfielder configuration is that there is still a lack of defenders, which leads to the team’s formation biased towards 3 central defenders. Belgium has recently performed well in the competition and has won four consecutive games. In order to win, the offensive firepower is fierce, averaging 2.9 goals per game in ten games, allowing Belgium to advance all the way. It is worth noting that Lukaku and Hazard have not yet determined whether they can play.

Current statistics of Wales

Wales sounds unfamiliar, but the team's performance is extraordinary. The lineup has Bell, the explosive winger and Manchester United star midfielder Daniel James, and Wales has maintained nine out of ten games in the past competitions. The undefeated record, the team's tactical play is more cautious, mainly based on defensive counterattacks. Wales has excellent offensive and defensive ends, basically finishing the game with a small win or a stalemate.


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