Qualification in Europe Belgium vs Belarus: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 30,2021


Current statistics of Belgium

Belgium has an excellent forward and a perfect midfielder, but the defensive talents of the team have been declining, and Belgium has been playing a three-back formation. In the last two European qualifiers, Belgium has been scored by opponents, but Belgium is not bad. His offensive ability is enough to cover up his defensive deficiencies. In the past ten games, he has averaged 2.9 goals per game. In addition, Belgium is good at home games. The top spot in the group is just a catch.

Current statistics of Belarus

Belarus won a big win against Estonia in the last game, and the team's morale has been improved to a certain extent. Belarus has maintained a stable firepower on the offensive end and has scored goals in 7 consecutive games. However, the team is not good at fighting in different places. In the past ten away games, only 3 victories have been achieved. Belarus’s recent wins are mostly abused. It has a lot of water. This time, facing the powerful enemy Belgium, I am afraid that it will be revealed. .


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