Qualification in Europe Andorra vs Hungary: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 31,2021


Current statistics of Andorra

Andorra's world ranking is only 151. In Europe, they are basically the weakest team. Most of the team's players are only amateurs and have no competitiveness at all. Since defeating Moldova 1-0 at home in the qualifiers on October 12, 2019, Andorra has only 3 draws and 10 losses in all competitions in the past 13 games. During this period, only 3 games have scored goals, and the other 10 games have been scored. It's not hard to imagine how bad the combat effectiveness is when the opponent has zero seals.

Current statistics of Hungary

Hungary's strength has risen steadily in recent years, and its recent state is also quite good. In the first two rounds of the current qualifiers, Hungary achieved a record of 1 win and 1 tie, drew 3-3 at home with the impressive Poland, and defeated San Marino 3-0 at the away game. At present, Hungary is temporarily ranked second in the standings. In this round, they played away against another underdog Andorra. Judging from their nearly 5 away games with 4 wins and 1 tie, it is estimated that winning will not be too difficult.


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