Primeira Liga SC Farense vs Portimonense: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 27,2021


Current statistics of SC Farense

The overall performance of SC Farense this season is mediocre, and it is already facing a lot of pressure to relegation. As the schedule goes on, the time left for SC Farense is also getting less and less. Although SC Farense defeated the opponent in the last round, it succeeded in winning at the same time. Also scored the key three points on the way to relegation, but the decadent home performance has not improved. In the recent period, SC Farense's home court has not been flat and the offensive ability has also declined significantly. It can be said that there is no power at all. This campaign wants I am afraid it will be difficult to add another victory.

Current statistics of Portimonense

Portimonense's performance this season is pretty good. The team is currently located in the middle zone and there is not much pressure to relegation for the time being, but they can't take it too lightly. After all, in terms of points, they are only 4 points ahead of the relegation zone, slightly. Inadvertently there is still the possibility of falling into the relegation zone. Therefore, Portimonense still needs to grab points with all its strength. Although the last round was defeated by Benfica, due to the fact that the opponent is too strong, the loss is inevitable, except for this. After losing the game, Podi Morance seems to have maintained a good performance against other opponents in recent times. He also won a long-lost winning streak in the away game. The overall performance is quite positive.


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