Nacional da Madeira vs Sporting Lisbon: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on January 07,2021


Status of Nacional da Madeira:

The Nacional da Madeira are temporarily ranked eighth in the Portugal Primera Liga. The team's home combat ability is not bad. Nine of the last ten home games have maintained an unbeaten record, including six victories and three draws. The Nacional da Madeira recent status There are signs of recovery, and they have won two consecutive games, but the team's history and Sporting Lisbon have not won nearly ten clashes. This time the home game against Sporting Lisbon again, the Nacional da Madeira have difficulty coping.

Status of Sporting Lisbon:

Sporting Lisbon’s overall strength is currently ranked first in the league. The team’s recent state trend is very strong and has won five consecutive victories. The last ten games have maintained an unbeaten record, and the offensive end has been fully fired for ten consecutive games. Scoring goals, Sporting Lisbon remained stable on the defensive end, and often achieved zero opponents to win. Historically, it had a clear advantage in nearly ten encounters with the Portuguese nationals. Sporting Lisbon is not afraid of the away challenge.


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