Manchester United vs Manchester City: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on January 06,2021


State of Manchester United:

Manchester United and Manchester City met again in the English League Cup semi-finals. Unlike the previous league matches, both Manchester United and Manchester City have recovered their form, especially Manchester United. Recently, it has been fully recovered, not only in the Premier League and the English Premier League. The two battlefields of the League Cup have been passed all the way, and now they have magically tied the top Liverpool in league points. The chance of winning this season has greatly increased, and the recent average 2.5 goals per game and only 1 goal conceded rate are also apparent. Manchester United now has both offensive and defensive capabilities. Obviously, with the passage of time, the Red Devils' lineup has been thoroughly integrated and mature. This time, sitting at Old Trafford is naturally quite competitive.

State of Manchester City:

Manchester City is not bad either. Although this season has declined significantly compared to last season, their control of the scene is still very strong, and the offensive and defensive ends are still balanced. Especially in the recent period, they have won in a row and won 4 The winning streak, during which strong teams such as the Saints, Arsenal and Chelsea were easily won by them, so Manchester City should not be underestimated.


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