Ligue 2 Caen vs Le Havre: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 15,2021


Current statistics of Caen

Caen is currently ranked 12th in the league. The recent performance has been unstable and has failed to win three consecutive games. In addition, Caen is not good at home games. In the past ten home games, he has only won one game. Caen performed well on the offensive end, with 11 players in the lineup having scored goals, but did not do well on the defensive end.

Current statistics of Le Havre

Le Havre’s history and Caen’s nearly ten encounters have had more victories and fewer losses. They have a certain psychological advantage. However, the offensive end of the team has been mediocre recently, and it has failed to score two consecutive games. Fortunately, Le Havre is good at fighting in different places, and has maintained an unbeaten record in 4 of the past five away games. This time he challenged Caen, he must take at least one point.


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