La Liga Sevilla vs Elche: match preview and tips

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Current statistics of Sevilla

Sevilla's 1-0 home win over Real Betis in the last round finally stopped the previous three-game losing streak, and the team's morale has been improved to a certain extent. Sevilla still ranks 4th in the standings, 6 points ahead of 5th with one less round, and 4th is quite solid. It should be noted that Sevilla's previous record fluctuations were in fact largely due to the third-line battle. Now they have already been out of the Champions League and the Western Cup, so they can put all their energy back into the league.

Current statistics of Elche

Elche lost 1-2 to Real Madrid in the last round of away games. In the past five rounds of the league, they have 2 wins and 3 losses. However, they lost to Barcelona, Granada and Real Madrid in the 3 games they lost. They are all strong teams. At present, Elche is currently ranked 17th in the standings, leading the relegation zone by 1 point in one less round, and the pressure to relegation is still very huge. It is worth noting that although Elche's recent state seems to have improved, the points they have obtained are actually from home, and the away game is still very bad.


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