La Liga Real Sociedad vs Elche: Game Tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 07,2021


Current statistics of Real Sociedad

The state of Real Sociedad has been relatively erratic during this period of time. They went on the field and lost to Huesca 0-1. In fact, the main reason is that the team’s injuries have become more serious in recent times. At present, they have Oia Lamen. At least seven players such as Dee and Sanjali have injuries, and the impact on the overall strength of the team is really quite obvious. This round of Real Sociedad’s return to home games. Although their home games seem to have lost points recently, they actually have a good win rate against the mid-lower teams in their home games. This round of home games is expected to give weight to the weaker Elche. Back to victory.

Current statistics of Elche

Although Elche is currently ranked second from the bottom in the standings, due to the tight points gap between the next 5 and 6 teams, Elche is currently only 1 point behind the safety zone. And from the next few rounds of the matchup situation, in addition to the strong strength of the opponent Real Sociedad, the other three opponents are either a wantless mid-range team or a relegation team with close strength. If Al Che's hopes of relegation are still great if they can show their best condition.


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