La Liga Real Sociedad vs Celta: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 22,2021


Current statistics of Royal Sociedad

Real Sociedad took the top spot at the beginning of the season, but as the team's injuries gradually aggravated, Real Sociedad's record has gradually declined, and it has almost completely withdrawn from the competition for Champions League qualification so far. Of course, in fact, the underworld is still successful this season, after all, they won the Copa del Rey, ending the team's years of championship drought.

Current statistics of Celta

Celta actually didn't play well at the beginning of the season, but after that he suddenly found himself and played a long time climax in the middle of the season. However, Celta's record has been a bit erratic in recent times, but with the solid foundation laid before, they basically don't have much threat of relegation. The remaining 8 league rounds are meaningless to them.


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