La Liga Real Betis vs Alaves: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 08,2021


Current statistics of Real Betis

Real Betis defeated Cadiz 1-0 in the last round. In the last three rounds of the league, they have achieved a record of three consecutive victories and are in excellent condition. The team's recent defensive end has strengthened a lot. In the past two rounds, it has been able to eliminate opponents. The two games only allowed the opponent to shoot 4 times in total. The defensive efficiency is excellent. Moreover, their home court ability this season is outstanding, the rate of grabbing points is not low, this campaign has a natural advantage against Alaves in general.

Current statistics of Alaves

Alaves suffered a three-game losing streak in a 0-1 home defeat to Osasuna, and his state and morale were very low. The recent offensive performance of the team has been poor. In the past five league rounds, there have been as many as 4 zero-blocking records. A total of only one goal was scored in the five games. Faced with the Royal Club and Barcelona, it even lost 4 goals. Losing, the ability to fight hard is low, and they are basically fighting in a different place this time.


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