La Liga Levante vs Villarreal: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 18,2021


Current statistics of Levante

Levante is a relatively traditional mid-lower team in La Liga. They used to have to worry about relegation issues at this time, but they have made significant progress this season. They are now ranked 9th, although they have won Europe. There is little chance of a seat in the war, but at least it must be a worry-free relegation.

Current statistics of Villarreal

Villarreal lost upset at home in the last round of the league, but it was largely due to the need to stay vigorous to deal with the Europa League matches in the middle of the week. Overall, their state is quite good. At present, Villarreal is 1 point behind sixth place in the standings. Although winning the Europa League can ensure the qualification for the European competition next season, it is important to know that all the remaining opponents in the Europa League are the Wolf Tigers. The teacher, Villarreal is not sure enough to reach the top.


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