La Liga Barcelona vs Huesca: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 15,2021


Current statistics of Barcelona

Barcelona's performance so far this season is actually quite disappointing. The league currently has a 6-point gap between them and Atletico Madrid. Although it is not hopeless to compete for the championship, it is an iron fact that the hope is slim. In the Champions League, they even stopped in the 1/8 finals and were defeated by Greater Paris 5-2 in the two rounds. What is certain is that Barcelona will do their best to attack the league and the Copa del Rey for the rest of the season. After all, that is the only way for them to restore their reputation. In this round, against the underdog Huesca, for Barcelona, it is the only option to win.

Current statistics of Huesca

Huesca will return to La Liga this season, and their primary goal must be to relegation. But until now, Huesca found that they had to complete this task extremely difficult. Fortunately, Huesca's state seems to have improved recently. In the past 6 rounds of the league, they have won 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Compared with the previous period, the efficiency of scoring points has improved significantly. In addition, Huesca has scored 7 goals in the last 3 league games, and the offensive feeling is gradually found.


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