La Liga Barcelona vs Celta: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 16,2021


Current statistics of Barcelona

Barcelona's last game was drawn by Levante 3-3 away. They suffered two consecutive league matches. The team is currently on the passive side on the road to the championship. Although they still have the possibility of a theoretical championship, but Ranked third in the standings, they have little chance to have Real Madrid in front of them, and the battle will be more subtle for this campaign. Coupled with the recent embarrassment of the team's unbeatable at home, the main battle ability has declined a lot, this time facing the good Celta may not be able to win.

Current statistics of Celta

Celta defeated Getafe 1-0 at home in the last battle and played a four-game winning streak. At present, he has rushed to the eighth position in the standings. In theory, there is the possibility of impacting the European theater. The team will inevitably Have a higher desire to grab points. And Celta's recent away performance is very impressive. In the past five league games, they have only lost to Real Sociedad. However, it should be noted that the strongest opponent in the remaining four games is Huang Qian. The tough battle ability is still to be discussed. The battle to win is relatively average.


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