La Liga Atletico Madrid vs Huesca: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 22,2021


Current statistics of Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid's state in the first half of the season was very good. At that time, many people felt that there was no suspense about the La Liga championship this season. But after entering the second half of the season, especially after the start of the Champions League knockout, Atletico's state began to fall into ups and downs. During the period, many matches were blocked by opponents, and it seems that they have not recovered their vitality until now. Their lead has been reduced to only 3 Minute. What is even more annoying for Atletico coach Simeone is that Suarez and Felix, the two main strikers of the striker, are both plagued by injuries at the same time, which has a huge impact on Atletico's offense.

Current statistics of Huesca

As a newcomer this season, Huesca, their primary goal is of course to relegation. Although Huesca has been at the bottom of the relegation zone for a long period of time this season, by the end of the season, they have the momentum to catch up, especially the efficiency of grabbing points during this period of time. Promote. Now Huesca has temporarily escaped from the relegation zone in the standings, but their lead is very weak, so any next event is still not to be missed for them.


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