La Liga Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 25,2021


Current statistics of Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao drew 0-0 with Real Betis in the last round of the away game. The team's recent situation is quite sluggish. Only 5 draws and 3 losses have been scored in the last 8 games. During the period, only 3 goals were scored, and there were as many as 5 The match was zero blocked by opponents, and both offense and defense were terrible. However, based on the good foundation laid in the early stage, Athletic Bilbao is still able to rank in the middle, and there will not be too much pressure to relegation for the time being.

Current statistics of Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid defeated Huesca 2-0 at home in the last round. In the last 3 rounds of the league, they scored 2 wins and 1 tie, and the team's state seems to be improving steadily. It is worth mentioning that although the two main strikers, Suarez and Felix, were injured at the same time, Correa, who replaced them, has scored goals one after another in the past two rounds, showing a very good competitive state. Atletico Madrid is still leading alone in the standings, but the lead is only 3 points, so every next game is not to be missed for them.


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