J1 League Yokohama Marinos vs Shonan Marines: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 02,2021


Current statistics of Yokohama Marinos

Yokohama Marinos' history and Shonan Bellmare's nearly ten encounters have won more than lost. The team has a clear psychological advantage, and the recent state has played very well. It has won 4 consecutive games, plus the Yokohama Mariners offensive end. The firepower is fierce. In the past ten games, a total of 20 goals have been obtained. The defense has improved. In the last three games, the opponents have won the victory. This time against Shonan Ocean seems to be determined.

Current statistics of Shonan Bellmare

Shonan Bellmare's overall condition is not doing well. In the last ten games, he has only won two wins. Although Shonan Bellmare regained some morale by defeating Yokohama FC in the previous Japan League Cup, the team is not good at fighting in different places. With only one victory in the past ten away games, coupled with signs of weakness on the offensive end of the team, Shonan Bellmare is unlikely to make a difference.


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