Italian Serie A Sampdoria vs Napoli match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-09-23 15:18


Current statistics of Sampdoria

Sampdoria's performance at the start of the new season is fairly acceptable. Although he has not won the first three rounds, he can get a draw and a small loss against the Milan duo, which is already considered very good. In the battle against Empoli, Sampdoria also won the season's first victory 3-0. Both offensive and defensive performances are very good. For now, Sampdoria's strength and morale are in a good state.

Current statistics of Napoli

Naples' overall combat effectiveness has improved greatly this season. The team has made small-scale reinforcements on the basis of retaining the main lineup. There is no running-in problem in the lineup. Therefore, they will soon enter the state in the new season. Judging from the previous league performance, Naples has a chance to win. As long as they continue their previous play in this game, there is still a great chance of adding victory.


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