International Friendly Wales vs Albania: match tips

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Current statistics of Russia

Russia played in the world preliminaries on March 31. At that time, they lost to Slovakia 1-2 in the away game. The momentum of their previous two-game winning streak came to an abrupt halt, which is actually quite surprising. This match is Russia’s last warm-up match before the start of the European Championship. However, since the start of the match is not a few days away, it is estimated that the Russian players will not fight too hard, because once injured, they will probably miss the chance. Participate.

Current statistics of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s last match was the World Preliminary on April 1. At that time, they drew 0-0 with Northern Ireland in the away game. Although it was said to have stopped the losing streak, but at the same time, the number of unwinners continued to as many as 5 games. The team is currently at a trough regardless of strength or state.


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