International Friendly Sweden vs IArmenia: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-06-05 11:04


Current statistics of Sweden

Sweden has arranged a friendly match on May 29. At that time, they easily defeated neighbor Finland 2-0 at home. They achieved a four-game winning streak in all competitions. The team's recent state is quite good. Judging from their selection of Armenia, a weaker opponent in their last friendly match, Sweden clearly hopes to build up the team's confidence with victory before the big game.

Current statistics of Armenia

Armenia's recent state is also good. Their last match was the World Preliminary match against Romania on March 31. As a result, Armenia defeated their opponents 3-2 at home. After three rounds of qualifiers, they all won, and the last 8 games were even more successful. With 6 wins and 2 draws, it can be seen that both the morale and the state of the team are at a very high stage.


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