Guingamp vs Amiens:match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-01-04 17:33


State of Guingamp:

After the 17th round of the league, Gingon temporarily ranked in the middle and lower reaches of the French second. The team is not far from the relegation zone. Gingon's recent performance is extremely poor. He has failed to win a victory in ten consecutive games. The impact on morale is not small. It is worth mentioning that the history of Guingamp and Amiens has lost more and less victory in nearly ten clashes, without any psychological advantage. This home game against Amiens, can Guingamp see victory Light.

State of Amiens:

Amiens’ recent state trend is relatively stable. It has maintained an undefeated record in the last four games, and Amiens’s away combat ability is good. It has already won two consecutive away games and the team’s momentum is flourishing. History has had a clear advantage over the past ten encounters with Guingamp. In this away challenge to Guingamp, Amiens is expected to continue its undefeated record.


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