FIFA World Cup qualification Vietnam vs Indonesia: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on June 07,2021


Current statistics of Vietnam

Vietnam is currently ranked first in the group stage, but it is not stable enough to hold this position. The UAE is chasing afterwards. In other words, as long as one game loses the chain, it is very likely to be overtaken by the opponent. In the history of nearly ten clashes with Indonesia, it has the advantage of winning more and losing less, and the team's recent performance has been outstanding, and it has maintained an unbeaten record for ten consecutive games.

Current statistics of Indonesia

Indonesia is at the bottom of the points. The team is weak in the group stage, and the offensive and defensive ends are severely unbalanced. After 6 games, they have lost as many as 18 goals. In addition, there are three defenders who were unable to play this game due to injuries. , It is really powerless to resist the opponent's offensive, it is worth mentioning that the overall performance of the team is quite bad, the past few games have failed to win.


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