FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) Kazakhstan vs Ukraine match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-08-31 15:20


Current statistics of Kazakhstan

Entering September, world football will once again enter the time of International Match Day, and then the fourth round of the competition for the European World Preliminaries will start, and Kazakhstan will usher in the challenge of Ukraine. Kazakhstan has only played two games at present, but they have not won. For the time being, they are ranked last in the group. As a country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan’s participation in European competitions results in a very obvious difference in strength. After all, their world ranking is only 124th. , But given that they drew with Ukraine in the last round, this campaign naturally hopes to find a way to defend the home court and strive to grab points again.

Current statistics of Ukraine

Ukraine's strength is superior to Kazakhstan. After all, Ukraine is ranked 25th in the world. The previous European Cup not only broke through from the group, but also eliminated Sweden to the top 8. As far as Ukraine is concerned, the biggest change is that Shevchenko no longer serves as the head coach of the national team. Petrakov has become the team's interim head coach. Whether he can keep the Ukrainians strong enough is still unknown.


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