FIFA World Cup qualification Peru vs Colombia: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on June 03,2021


Current statistics of Peru

Peru's performance in the South American budget match was not satisfactory. The team drew with Paraguay in the group stage and lost to Brazil, Chile and Argentina. So far, they only ranked second in the group with only 1 point. They have not in the past 2 matches. Goal record, poor offensive performance, and nearly two home games also suffered a losing streak, there is no obvious home advantage, morale is low.

Current statistics of Colombia

Colombia's performance in the South American qualifier group stage was better than Peru. The team opened the door with a 3-0 victory over Venezuela in the first round and then drew with Chile. However, the recent state showed signs of decline, losing to Uruguay and Ecuador. The team lost a total of 9 goals in the game. Right winger Plata received a red card last round and was unable to play for the team in this game.


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