FIFA World Cup qualification Oman vs Qatar: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on June 07,2021


Current statistics of Oman

Oman is currently ranked second in the group. Now that it has gone through 5 games, the team still has a chance to qualify. The recent state trend is not bad, and it has achieved undefeated records in 4 consecutive international friendly warm-up matches. See The players' competitive state has been maintained quite well. It is worth mentioning that Oman is better at home games and has scored 9 wins and 1 tie in the past ten home games.

Current statistics of Qatar

As the host, Qatar is naturally not worried about qualifying, but the team still came to the first place in the group with its hard power. Although it has just defeated India, it has not shown its due strength with a one-goal advantage. From here It can be seen that Qatar is lacking in fighting spirit, so the next game will not go all out, more will be passive defense.


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