FIFA World Cup qualification Japan vs Tajikistan: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on June 07,2021


Current statistics of Japan

Japan currently has 6 victories in the group stage without conceding a goal, ranking first and advancing to the top 12 ahead of schedule. On the offensive end, no one can beat him, scoring a total of 37 goals, and the front line firepower is quite fierce. In the last two rounds of qualifiers, the opponents have scored more than 10 goals, winning 2 consecutive victories, and morale is high. In terms of lineup, the team's roster has 13 European players + 10 local J1 players, and the strength is guaranteed.

Current statistics of Tajikistan

On the contrary, Tajikistan had two friendly matches last month, a 0-0 draw with Iraq and a 2-2 draw with Thailand. Moreover, the team has only beaten Jordan in the last 10 away games, and the strength is low. The average age of the team this time is only 23 years old, very young, and there are experienced players on all three lines. Currently ranked second with 10 points, and can still compete for the second qualifying of the 4 best teams. This game has a lot of intent to fight.


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