FIFA World Cup qualification Bolivia vs Venezuela: match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on June 03,2021


Current statistics of Bolivia

Bolivia is currently ranked 79th in the world. The previous 4 rounds of qualifiers have not won, a total of 3 games have been lost, and it is currently ranked at the bottom with 1 point. There have been two friendly matches before, both of which lost 1-2 to Chile and Ecuador, and suffered two consecutive defeats with low morale. Moreover, the team's defense is as imaginary, conceding a total of 27 goals in the past 10 games, this game is worth watching.

Current statistics of Venezuela

Venezuela is currently ranked 28th in the world, which is undoubtedly higher than Bolivia in terms of strength on paper. In the current qualifiers, he only scored 1 win and 3 losses in the 4 rounds, with 3 points ranked third from the bottom, and only scored 2 goals among them, the forward firepower is quite weak. The last time he beat Chile 2-1 at home, he won his first win in the qualifiers, and his morale has been improved by piercing the stats twice recently. Therefore, Venezuela is even better in this field.


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