FIFA World Cup qualification Argentina vs Chile: match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on June 03,2021


Current statistics of Argentina

Although Argentina beat Peru 2-0 in the last game, they actually did not play well in the course of the game. They only got 46% of the ball in the game, which was mainly controlled. In fact, they were the one who was beaten. , And the data of 17 shots and only 3 frames also reflects their low offensive efficiency from the side. In addition, there are more players in the team in Europe and lack of co-training time. This battle may not necessarily have enough tacit understanding.

Current statistics of Chile

Chile’s recent performance in international competitions is also quite mediocre. In the last round of qualifiers, they lost 1-2 away to the average Venezuela. They only won 1 game in the 4 series. At present, the team is only ranked The sixth position, the prospect of qualifying is not optimistic. Moreover, Chile has suffered a losing streak in the away games of the past three games. The weakness of the away game is obvious, and the capital for winning is obviously insufficient.


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