FC Bastia Borgo vs US Concarneau: Match tips

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Bastia Borgo and Concarneau meet in the French National on 27.11.2020. The offical start is at 18:00. This means that the 9th place side will play against the 7th in the table of the French National. In their last encounters Bastia Borgo has won one game and one game were drawn, Concarneau winning zero matches.

Current statistics of FC Bastia Borgo

FC Bastia Borgo lost its last encounter 3:1 against Cholet. In the recent 6 months, the home team was able to win 4 out of 13 matches. Bastia Borgo had two wins, three draws and one loss at home. In the current season, Bastia Borgo won 33.33% (2 out of 6) of the matches in their own stadium. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 1 times the guests took all points. After 13 matches in the season, Bastia Borgo has four victories, five draws and four losses.

During the second 45 minutes of the game, coach Jean-Andre Ottaviani’s team can score more goals on average. According to current statistics, Bastia Borgo will score 0,83 goals in each home game and will concede 0,67 goals, which is 1,50 goals in total per game at home. Previous season, FC Bastia Borgo scored an average of 1,36 goals at home. At the same time, the team conceded 1,55 goals per home match. In front of their own fans, the team’s games mostly finished 0:1, 1:2 or 3:2 last season. In the current season, home matches most often end 1:1, 1:0 or 2:1.

Current statistics of US Concarneau

Their last match, Concarneau had lost 2:0 against Sete 34. The team has been victorious in 2 out of 6 matches in away stadiums (33.33%) so far in this season. The statistics for the past 6 months show four victories, five draws und three defeats. Concarneau managed to win two away victories. The team lost two games in the foreign stadium and in two matches the teams separated with a draw.

Pascal Laguillier’s team scores 1,00 away goals per game this season, mainly before the half-time break. Overall, Concarneau scored an average of 2,17 goals per away match. Last season, Concarneau finished with an average of 0,69 goals for and 1,15 against in their away games. As the away team last season, the side’s game most often ended 1:0, 0:2 or 0:0. In the current season, Concarneau’s away matches have usually ended 0:2, 1:1 or 2:1.


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