English Premier League Wolves vs Leeds United: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 19,2021


Current statistics of Wolves

The Wolves’ recent state is very good. In the past 5 Premier League matches, they lost to Crystal Palace, and the rest were able to score points smoothly. During the period, they did not show any weakness against Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester City. This is enough to see. The current state of the Wolves team has built up a lot of confidence. Of course, the Wolves also have many shortcomings. The most obvious problem is that the home power is obviously not enough. They have won one victory in the past 5 home games. Therefore, even if the Wolves team sits at home in this game, I am afraid that they are not too strong to convince. force.

Current statistics of Leeds United

As a newly promoted team, Leeds United has achieved remarkable overall performance after being promoted to the Premier League this season. At present, it ranks 11th with 32 points after 23 rounds, which is 13 points higher than the relegation zone. As long as it does not die later, it is basically not much. The relegation pressure. It is worth mentioning that under Bielsa's tactics this season, Leeds United has obvious characteristics of offensive and defensive weakness. At present, 40 goals are comparable to the major powers, but 42 goals conceded are the league’s lowest level. As far as their games are usually evolutionary ball battles, the scene is very intense.


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