English Premier League West Bromwich Albion vs Wolves: Match Tips

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Current statistics of West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion was promoted to the Premier League this season as a newly promoted team, but the team failed to adapt to the Premier League from start to finish. So far, it is still in the relegation zone and only scored 25 points and ranked second in the league. At present, it is still 9 points behind the safety line, and only a theoretical relegation is left. However, judging from the recent performance of the team, it seems that there is still a fighting spirit. The past 4 games have even grabbed 7 points in one breath, and even won a big victory during the period. Chelsea and the Saints, it seems that West Brom will not give up until the last minute. Therefore, facing the out-of-state Wolves in this campaign, West Brom is not without a chance to grab points.

Current statistics of Wolves

The power of the Wolves is not as good as before, and the state is not stable enough. Recently, they have lost more and lost less. They only won the two relegation teams of Fulham and Sheffield United, and lost the rest of the time. Most of the balls, the last round of the match was a 0-4 defeat to Burnley at home, which was once again shocking. From the data point of view, the Wolves have encountered zero seals many times in recent times, and there are no small problems on both offensive and defensive ends. , Of course, this is also related to the Wolves' rankings, after all, they have no desire for anything.


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