English Premier League Tottenham vs Southampton: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 21,2021


Current statistics of Tottenham

Spurs are deeply mired in internal and external troubles, coupled with injury issues, resulting in a sharp decline in their record. The past 6 games have only won one victory, and recently they have successively lost points in Newcastle, Manchester United and Everton. The team is now farther and farther away from the top four, coach Mourinho also sadly dismissed get out of class, this game will be directed by the acting coach Mason, so the current Tottenham full of various unknown X factors.

Current statistics of Southampton

Southampton’s recent state is also very sluggish. Not only did the league lose more and lose less, but it was sometimes haunted by people. Even in the FA Cup, it was also eliminated by Fox City. It can be said that the team has now even the final goal. The pursuit has also been lost. What is the meaning of the remaining games for them? I'm afraid I'm already looking forward to the end of the league early and the next season will start again.


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