English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 27,2021


Current statistics of Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur can be described as a frustrated European game in the recent league. Although they have advanced in Europa and slaughtered their opponents consecutively, returning to the league arena, Tottenham’s performance is still not ideal. In the most recent games, the team After losing to Manchester City and West Ham United, they once again suffered a losing streak. Looking back on the past 6 matches, Tottenham only achieved a bleak result of 1 win and 5 losses. The current ranking has fallen to 9th in the standings, which is the same as the early league. There is a big gap in performance. Whether Tottenham can use the European War to advance to revitalize the military and achieve a rebound, it is up to them.

Current statistics of Burnley

Burnley's recent situation is also not very optimistic. Looking back at the past 7 games, Burnley has not won any other teams except for winning the Crystal Palace, and it has been completely defeated against the BIG6 team. From the data point of view Look, although Burnley’s defensive quality is not bad, but the striker is very weak. So far, only 18 goals have been scored. It is the second worst offensive team in the league. Because of this, it is difficult for Burnley to make a substantial contribution to the strong team. Threatened.


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