English Premier League Southampton vs Crystal Palace: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-05-11 14:54


Current statistics of Southampton

Southampton currently ranks 16th in the standings, and it is basically safe to land, perhaps because the relegation has been worry-free. The Saints have not been in good condition recently, but most of their games are lost. In the past 5 games, I lost 4 games in one breath. During the period, only 1 point was earned, which is really shocking. Therefore, the subsequent games should not be overestimated.

Current statistics of Crystal Palace

The overall performance of Crystal Palace this season is quite satisfactory. It is currently ranked in the middle of the league. There is no pursuit of goals or worries. They are already in a situation of wantlessness. Therefore, they will also face the problem of insufficient fighting spirit in subsequent matches, but compared to As far as the Saints are concerned, the competitive state of the Crystal Palace is still better. The last round defeated Sheffield United 2-0 to return to victory. The recent away game also has the ability to grab points.


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