English Premier League Manchester United vs West Ham United: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 14,2021


Current statistics of Manchester United

Manchester United has been in an unstable state recently, occasionally brilliant and occasionally mediocre. In the face of Manchester City, Manchester United fully used its advantages and finally defeated Manchester City. However, in the middle of the week, Europe In the UEFA Cup match, the home scene against AC Milan lost its former ability. The whole game was suppressed by the opponents and was finally tied by the pair. It is not difficult to find that Manchester United has recently fallen into a strange circle of consecutive draws. In the past 12 matches There are as many as 8 draws, which shows that Manchester United's current striker power has significantly deteriorated.

Current statistics of West Ham United

West Ham United has performed better this season since Lingard joined. In the past 10 games, they have played a wave of 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. The effect is immediate. Now West Ham United is not ranked fifth in the league. Only two points behind the top four, the team is naturally looking forward to being able to rank among the top four. There is no doubt about the follow-up fighting spirit, and it is worth mentioning that although West Ham United’s offensive firepower is not as good as Manchester United, its defensive performance is more important. It's better, and the recent games are both offensive and defensive, and the prospects are better.


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