English Premier League Manchester United vs Newcastle United: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 21,2021


Current statistics of Manchester United

Manchester United has recently encountered certain difficulties in the league. In the past few rounds of competition, the Red Devils were unbalanced and lost. The efficiency of scoring was so much lower than before, so that they were completely thrown away by their city rivals Manchester City. Now, although Manchester United still ranks second in the league, they are still fighting. The difficulty of the championship has increased sharply, and the points have also been tied by Leicester City behind. A little carelessness may not be the runner-up. Fortunately, the arrival of the European war has given Manchester United regained confidence. Faced with Real Sociedad, Manchester United easily won the opponent 4-0 in the away game. This game not only allowed Manchester United to temporarily out of the previous trough, but also allowed them to see the chance of winning the cup.

Current statistics of Newcastle United

Newcastle United’s recent state is also very poor. After losing to Chelsea 0-2 in the last round, the team has lost 7 of the last 10 matches. Their state and morale may have fallen to a trough, even though the team is still leading. 6 points in the relegation zone, but if they lose points at this rate, they may soon face a crisis of relegation. From the data point of view, Newcastle not only has the problem of weak fronts, but also has many loopholes in the defense. Not good at away games. After 12 league away games, he only scored 11 points. The away game power is the inverse level.


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