English Premier League Manchester United vs Fulham: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 18,2021


Current statistics of Manchester United

After Manchester United determined its Champions League quota, the last few rounds of the league can be said to have been desperate, especially after Manchester City won the championship, it was completely liberalized, and a lot of rotations were used for several consecutive games. The game is also giving points consecutively, so as of now, Manchester United is no longer a team worthy of pursuit. After all, their next main task is the Europa League final at the end of the month, so this game should still be large-scale. The use of the rotation lineup, so that the main force to maintain a good condition, to meet the UEFA Europa League final at the end of the month.

Current statistics of Fulham

Fulham has dropped early, so the team has also lost its fighting spirit, especially after a wave of losing streaks. At present, many players on the team are extremely lost. I am afraid that the rest of the game has no desire to fight, let alone this game is an away game. , It is even more difficult for Fulham, who is not good at off-site warfare.


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