English Premier League Manchester City vs West Ham United: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on February 27,2021


Current statistics of Manchester City

Under the leadership of Guardiola, Manchester City is now flying freely on all fronts, and the state of strength is becoming more and more sharp. After the Champions League defeated Borussia in midweek, the team has won 19 consecutive victories in all competitions, which is simply invincible. , No one knows where the end of Manchester City’s winning streak will be, and who has the ability to end their winning streak. We only know that Manchester City is already in the league and will be second. Manchester United opened a 10-point gap, showing a clear title to win capital. Although they are not the strongest offensive in the league, they have done a great job of defending. The current league has only conceded 15 goals, which is the team with the least number of goals in the five major leagues, and it is even more terrifying than Atletico Madrid.

Current statistics of West Ham United

West Ham United is currently ranked No. 4 in the league. The team is undoubtedly the biggest dark horse in the Premier League this season. With the introduction of Lingard through reinforcements this winter, the forward end has been further improved, and the last round was also a hot spot. Thorn, the recent unbeaten rate is as high as 90%, and now West Ham United has been closely chasing the first group, successfully surpassing Liverpool, only 4 points behind Manchester United, the second in the league, the momentum is very fierce.


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