English Premier League Manchester City vs Southampton: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 10,2021


Current statistics of Manchester City

In the last round of the league, Manchester City played an unexpected match. The previously unbeatable Manchester City failed to expand its winning streak, but lost to Manchester United 0-2. So far, all competitions. This is the end of the 21-game winning streak. Perhaps the Premier League champion will ultimately be Manchester City, but this time Manchester is in the red. This defeat is bound to affect Manchester City’s morale to a certain extent, and it may even become a turning point. After all, the players of the Manchester City striker in the last game played really poorly, which will undoubtedly leave certain hidden dangers in this game.

Current statistics of Southampton

If it is placed before the last round of the game, Southampton’s team should not be optimistic at all. After all, the previous downturn streak hardly makes people feel that they still have hope of recovery. However, they are lucky. The last round They ran into Sheffield United in the tail of the crane. This game finally did not let down the expectations of the fans in Southampton. They easily killed the opponent 2-0 and scored a long-lost precious 3 point. At the same time, it was their first time. Three months later, they played a zero seal on the road again. With this wave of morale, can they beat Manchester City?


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