English Premier League Manchester City vs Chelsea: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 08,2021


Current statistics of Manchester City

Manchester City is still firmly at the top of the standings. There is only one step left to win the championship. As long as this game wins, it will be able to win the 7th Premier League trophy ahead of time. Therefore, Manchester City must have a strong desire to win in this game. The team has just eliminated Paris in the Champions League. Recently, it has been so powerful that it naturally hopes to strike while the iron is hot. What's more, the opponent is still their biggest enemy in the future Champions League finals. As a warm-up, Manchester City also hopes to give their opponents a win, so Manchester City The fighting spirit and strength of this campaign are beyond doubt.

Current statistics of Chelsea

In Chelsea’s mid-week Champions League, we once again saw the extraordinary Blue Lions led by Tuchel. They did not give Real Madrid too many opportunities throughout the game. They were able to put the former champions of the Champions League into this appearance. Can you not admire Tuchel's ability? In addition, scoring 2 goals in 2 consecutive games, the blues' offensive performance seems to have begun to improve, and now it can be described as both offensive and defensive, fully able to withstand the test of any team.


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